No more composite

Sorry guys. But there will be no XComposite support in the bmpanel2. I spent few days investigating what should I do to make it work with system tray and I have realized few things.

1. System tray specification sucks. I don’t get it. What did you say? I should draw icon contents by myself using composite extension? But I thought that’s what composite manager should do… I mean.. WTF!?!?!?

2. The Composite extension is what happens when bells and whistles dominate over clear design. I hate the way it’s designed. It’s a big hack from its very beginning and no one actually cares. People asked for a cool desktop features on linux and they did XComposite. All programmers have to suffer now, but no one actually cares. OK, I don’t care too.

I choose clear design, usability and stability over bells and whistles. Well.. at least, as much as it is possible with X11.

After all what do you want : good software that is cute enough and really usable or a bunch of hacks tied together and pretending to be a software. And that’s not a question, since the answer is obvious.

3 Responses to “No more composite”

  1. richard Says:

    you removing compositing totally? or only for system tray?


  2. nsf Says:

    Completely. Actually I’m not removing. I’m not adding. Since bmpanel2 shares very little code with bmpanel1.

    But there is the pseudo-transparent mode and it works OK with system tray (better than bmpanel1). And I will support it (fix bugs if any).

  3. richard Says:

    ok i see. imo pseudo-transparent is good enough for panel, dont have much (or good) experience with xcomposite.
    keep up the good work!


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