Bmpanel2 updates

Just a short summary of all past updates.

  • Bmpanel2 reacts almost properly on the monitor resolution changes. Well there is an issue with _NET_WM_WORKSPACE, but it isn’t my fault, I guess wm-spec has some bad ideas in that area, so.. whatever. If you have just one panel on your desktop – everything will work.
  • I took a look at xinerama/xrandr and as I thought – I will not implement those. Probably I will do a hack for multihead linux users doing exact placement (something like: –position=x,y,w,h). Maybe it will work for somebody.
  • Bugs. I fix them as I discover them. There were few šŸ™‚
  • Colored text shadows. I did this to provide the MacOS-like text relief effect. You can see these shadows in the XSOcaM themes.

The work is progressing really slow.. That’s bad. šŸ˜¦

It’s a lack of motivation.

4 Responses to “Bmpanel2 updates”

  1. ap0 Says:

    I think we are many user who daily use bmpanel.
    It’s a great piece of software :
    Looks nice, and is lightweight.

    Keep workin’, we are behind you !

  2. morgen_stern Says:

    +1 Ap0

    bmpanel is a great software, I use it under crunchbang linux and it runs well

    thanks for your work šŸ™‚

    ps: just a question, why not use for your project? there is a bug tracker, 2 go hosting and 1 go for svn repositeries.

    • nsf Says:

      1. I don’t like SVN *and* Mercurial (even though it’s very similar to git). I really hoped to see the git on, but it didn’t happen.
      2. Well, the bug tracker is actually really good and I like it. But you see, the bmpanel project is already scattered all over the internet.
      The personal repo:
      The mirror on github:
      The “official” web site:
      The bug tracker:
      (Oh, btw, it turns out that the flyspray isn’t what I want, it’s overcomplicated for simple project like mine)
      “I don’t know why I have created this page” page here:

      And there were a forum and the mailing list. Both were killed, thank god.

      I mean, I don’t mind using But I should really reconsider these things for bmpanel2 soon (because the promised release date is near).

      Currently there are still a lot of doubts in my head, but after all is not the worst variant.

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