And.. updates

I have added “idle_highlight” and “pressed_highlight” button states. It means that you can customize look of the taskbar buttons and the desktop switcher buttons for “mouse over” event now.

Also “stretched” and “stretched_overlap” parameters were added for button states (currently – taskbar only). The first one is a non-overlapping (aka non-layering) version of the technique described in the previous post. And the second one is an overlapping variant. You can specify them like this:


		left tb_left_idle_img.png
		center tb_tile_idle_img.png
		right tb_right_idle_img.png
		font DejaVuSans 8
			color 255 255 255
			offset 5 1
		icon_offset 0 1

For the mean time I will work on converting lassekongo83‘s art to themes. This will be a good proof of concept that a lot of great art can be converted to bmpanel2 themes. The next post will contain a lot of screenshots I guess. 🙂

See you soon! 😀

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