Flora theme pack

Thanks to weakhead for a new theme pack for bmpanel2 called “Flora”. It’s a port of lassekongo‘s theme and it uses a lot of new features in bmpanel2. Actually it works correctly only with the latest git commit. But what I’m totally understanding now it’s that I need to do better docs for theme engine. I don’t know maybe a FAQ about how to do different things, because often I see bad solutions in themes. For example this theme has no separators at all, but the author instead of removing “separator” entry in the panel places “no_separator” everywhere. And it’s definitely my fault, I had to explain better these things.

Flora BMPanel2 previewYou can download this theme pack here.

2 Responses to “Flora theme pack”

  1. weakhead Says:

    Let me explain myself with this no_separator thing.
    I used it as a quick (but primitive) fix for glitchy separator display.
    A few minutes ago I thought that it was my fault, since I didn’t specified separator images for every widget (I did so only in “panel” section). But I did experiment a while ago and specified separator for each widget… but result was the same (glitches). I used 100% transparent theme as a separator, maybe that was the case?
    Anyway – this looks like a bug, but maybe It is I who did something wrong…

    Here’s the screenshot:

    Anyway – this theme is part of a pack. I still need to finish few things before I release Flora suite, so I can update Flora BMPanel2 theme as well. If I do, I will notify about this.

  2. weakhead Says:

    I fixed a few things mentioned by nsf in his “Flora theme review” topic. Now theme configuration files are properly written.

    Theme package is already updated by nsf.

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