Flora theme review

As I mentioned in the previous post, Flora theme contains few unnecessary elements (like “no_separator” parameter). In this post I want to make a full review of the theme and point out all mistakes I see.

  1. “no_separator” parameters in each widget except the taskbar. It is totally unnecessary. Just remove the “separator” parameter from the “panel” section.
  2. “Empty” widget background. It’s nonsense, this widget has no background. But it wasn’t documented, so it’s not a mistake, just the unlucky guess.
  3. “stretched_overlap” with “center_offsets” equals to button corner widths. It’s nonsense too. Remove “center_offsets” and change “stretched_overlap” to “stretched”. It does the same thing. See this image, “bad” is the “stretched” mode (notice the green/red lines), “good” is the “stretched_overlap” mode. If you don’t need an overlapping behaviour for the corners and the center, don’t use “stretched_overlap”.
  4. Be careful with theme layout, don’t mix spaces and tabs. It’s easy to follow if you’re writing your theme from the beginning, but more attention required when editting other person’s theme.
  5. “empty.png” image and using it as a background for clock and system tray. It works for regulating width of the widget, but it’s much better to use the “empty” widget. What “empty.png” image does, is repeating this kind of a process: “Hey, pixel, I want to copy you to that position, what’s your alpha? Oh.. It’s zero, then I should skip you”. And it’s repeated few thousands times per draw. It’s a waste of the CPU power, even though it’s unnoticable it is the fact.

I hope this little review will point out few things. But, please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming people for making bad decisions. And I’m not trying to find the guilty person. My intension is simple – make things better than they are.

P.S. If something is still unclear, please ask questions via comments.

One Response to “Flora theme review”

  1. weakhead Says:

    Thanks for this review.
    I will update Flora theme when I’ll finish GTK themes (soon). Once it will be finished, I will send updated theme to nsf.

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