Reload configuration on the fly

Last few days I was working on that feature. And it’s kinda done. You can try it out that way:

  1. Start panel.
  2. Edit ~/.config/bmpanel2/bmpanel2rc
  3. Run: “killall -SIGUSR1 bmpanel2”

And the configuration is reloaded. There are few glitches however. For example when user reloads theme, the icons from the tray are detached and then attached again. Some applications (like xchat) will not come back to the tray after this action. Sorry for that, but systray specifications kills me. It’s like the root of all evil. First, I had to drop composite support because of that, and now this….

Why do I need this feature? Well, first of all it is now possible to make a configurator utility (like obconf, obmenu or obkey for openbox). Second thing is the launch bar. You can make a configurator utility for this widget too and no restart of the panel is needed.

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