Theme Gallery

Since now it’s possible to switch themes using external program, I quickly wrote very simple script that switches theme and makes a screenshot of it. And boom.. theme gallery is ready within 5 minutes.

>> Theme Gallery <<

10 Responses to “Theme Gallery”

  1. MrGnash Says:

    Hey, great themes!! 😀 Just wondering if you might create one that goes with the DarkRoom GTK2 theme? 😛

  2. Richard Says:

    When will an on the fly theme changer be available in git? (using archlinux)

    • nsf Says:

      Not soon. The version you saw in the video was a quick hack (proof of concept) and will not be published. I will write a complete configurator solution eventually with (with launchbar editor, etc), but it will take some time.

      • Richard Says:

        Hey, thats ok. Im using the rather niec Striped theme and its really nice. One issue however is that the panel is always ontop even over flash video in fullscreen mode. How do i stop it from doing that?

  3. nsf Says:

    Richard, flash works fine on my machine in full screen mode. It’s the window manager issue, the panel has nothing to do with it.

    • Richard Says:

      i thought this too, but it only happens with the git version of bmpanel. Ive changed to the none git version and it has solved this for me.

      • nsf Says:

        I’m using always the git version and have no problems with it. Window manager decides whether to show window or not. Panel only sets the hint: “Hey, WM! I’m a panel”. And that’s it. I didn’t change anything here.

  4. Jaroslav Šmíd Says:

    If you want nice looking modern theme for bmpanel2, you can try this:

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