More build process changes

I had integrated the bmpanel2cfg into the build system yesterday and now I’ve returned the previous build chain for man page. In order to build man page properly you need to have asciidoc package and docbook-xsl stylesheets. Currently CMake build script tries to detect the a2x tool and if it’s here then tries to build the man page. A2x toolchain manager is a part of the asciidoc package usually and in the archlinux for example asciidoc depends on the docbook-xsl package too, so.. everything should be ok here. But I have no idea how it will work in other linux distributions. If you have any problems – mail me.

P.S. Even though writing a comment on the blog seems like a faster way to give your feedback to me. It’s actually not. WordPress spam filter often sucks up your comments and I don’t get any mail notifications in that case. I check spammed messages rarely. So.. really.. if you have something to ask – mail me. Fortunatelly, the gmail has the best spam filter I’ve ever seen and it hardly ever puts important mail in a spam folder.

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