Brief changes list for 2.1

Changes since 2.0.1a (basicly just a copy&paste from git log):

  • Fix bug with ellipsize feature.
  • Fix bug with xfwm4 modal dialogs (xfce4).
  • Fix texture filtering mode (ugly corners in some cases).
  • Fix image leak in systray code.
  • Add “center_offsets” parameter (used in “stretched*” modes).
  • Use all button states for width calculation in desktop switcher.
  • Fix bug with “demands attention feature”.
  • Disable “demands attention” flag when user activates the window.
  • Add SIGUSR1 signal handler which implements the “reconfigure” action.
  • Make “task_urgency_hint” (“demands attention” feature) disabled by default.
  • Add clock mouse button actions.
  • Change default drawing mode to OVER in pseudo-transparency render.
  • Add “paint_replace” widget parameter (switches drawing mode back to REPLACE).
  • Add delayed widgets destroying for “reconfigure”. Allows really smooth reconfigures.
  • Add bmpanel2 config tool (bmpanel2cfg), depends on python and pygtk.
  • Add launchbar to themes in distribution.

The 2.1 release isn’t here yet. But soon it will be there. 🙂

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