New theme pack from weakhead

Some time ago, weakhead had created a new theme pack, called devART and of course it includes the bmpanel2 theme. Check it out here.

Bmpanel 2.1pre1

Please check it out. If everything is ok, it will be the 2.1 release.

As usual the package is here:

Few important changes

I’ve finished theme integration to the source tree. Here is the list of themes which were integrated:

  • Alduin
  • Auriel
  • Curvy
  • Flora
  • Striped

The reason why I’ve included these themes into the source tree is because they are nicely showing what can you do with bmpanel2.

And now the important part:

All themes in the source tree are named like that: “long-theme-name” (e.g. alduin-glossy, xsocam-dark, flora-green, etc.). It means that after updating to the latest git or to 2.1 you’ll probably need to clean a little bit your ~/.local/share/bmpanel2/themes directory and maybe tweak a config file. Please notice that “xsocam_dark” was renamed to “xsocam-dark” too.