Bmpanel 2.1pre1

Please check it out. If everything is ok, it will be the 2.1 release.

As usual the package is here:

16 Responses to “Bmpanel 2.1pre1”

  1. ap0 Says:

    Could we please have a changelog ?

  2. d1337r Says:

    A bug report: reconfiguring by bmpanel2cfg doesn’t let to use transparency.

  3. Lerc Says:

    I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

    I made a ZeroInstall feed for bmpanel2. Worked reasonably painlessly. Got it up and running on the XO-1 via Zeroinstall for the environment I’m making.

    I’ll update it for 2.1pre1 and send you a copy so you can host/maintain it yourself if you feel like it.

    (I’ll probably be hitting the code myself shortly, I want hooks for things 🙂

    • nsf Says:

      I really like the zeroinstall concept, but I think it isn’t the time for such systems yet. So, I’m definitely excited about the feed, but I won’t host/maintain it. Currently I’m maintaining the PKGBUILD for archlinux only.

  4. waker Says:

    just updated to 2.1pre1 using PKGBUILD
    works flawlessly.
    i’m curious though – is it planned to support tweaking theme properties, like panel positioning on top/bottom of the screen, and applets ordering inside the panel? now i have to change theme file itself to achieve that. is there a better way?

    • nsf Says:

      Initially bmpanel2 has concept where theme is a kind of a snapshot of a look of the panel, not like skin with separate elements. But it seems linux people like to tweak things. Currently there are no tweaking options, sorry.

  5. German Racca Says:

    Hello my friend!

    I love BMPanel! I use it with Openbox and Pekwm. Now, I’ve packaged BMPanel for Fedora. The rpm package can be downloaded from here:

    Thank you very much for this very useful panel!

    Germán .

  6. Question Says:

    Is it possible to put the panel vertically? Nowadays many screens are wide, so it makes more sense to put the panel on the left or on the right, than on the bottom or top.

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