Bmpanel2 update

Alternative widgets system and Pager widget were uploaded to the upstream git tree. There will be more updates however in a code and in the Bmpanel2 Theme Reference. Currently you can try it out using xsocam-dark theme and bmpanel2cfg utility (section “Alternatives”, select “pager”).

Happy bmpanel2 using!

P.S. Expect bugs…


8 Responses to “Bmpanel2 update”

  1. waker Says:

    awesome! that will make me upgrade bmpanel this evening 😀

  2. weakhead Says:

    Sometimes, pager change of active desktop is delayed (but only in pager) and you have to “hover” it to make change happen.

    Also, active window in inactive desktop – does it ever takes place? I’m not 100% sure bu I think that window managers makes all windows inactive in unfocused workspaces, so you won’t notice the effect of this setup.

    But overall, it works great. Tested under Openbox.
    I will start adding pager support for official themes (first) soon.

  3. nsf Says:

    Can you describe more about this “sometimes”? Is it openbox? I mean I obviously didn’t notice it, is there any way how I can reproduce it?

    Active window in inactive desktop – just ignore it.. since there are four states: idle, pressed, idle_highlight, pressed_highlight.. they’re all just being loaded using the same code.

    • weakhead Says:

      That’s strange, there is no lag now anymore. Don’t know why it was like that. And there is no simple way to reproduce it, because it seemed random inf full meaning of this word. Maybe that’s because I did not reloaded BMPanel2 after preparing pager widget for my current theme (I just changed widget trough config tool).

      One details bothers me:
      border of entire workspace in pager is overlaying inner space of workspace and I think it should be outside of it… I will try to explain this with screenshots.

      Now it’s like this:

      But didn’t it supposed to be like this?:

      • nsf Says:

        Yep, strange things happen. 😦

        Well.. it’s being drawn in this order:

        first desktop: background, all its windows, border;
        then second desktop: background, all its windows, border;

        The first problem here is that full screen rect includes border too. That’s why your applications aren’t seen as they should be. But even if I’ll fix this, there will be small 1 pixel gap on the bottom of the screen space (because the panel is here!). Also probably I could use the available workspace as inner rectangle (screen minus panel), in that case full screen apps will look like you want. Actually it’s a good point and I will fix the issue.

        The second problem which I’ll fix a little bit later is when you’re setting the ‘desktop_spacing’ to -1, active desktop border should be drawn after all other desktops.

        So.. let me write these small improvements and we’ll see. I’ll write an email to you when I’m done (it will take 1-3 days probably).

  4. Josep Says:


    I have a Float Exception when I try to to select the Pager Alternatives running PekWM, in OpenBox works prefecly.

    Any chance to fix that?

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