Bmpanel2 customizable mouse actions

I’ve just added them to the git.

  1. Currently you can use only 3 buttons on your mouse.
  2. There are 3 actions available: ‘use’, ‘drag’ and ‘kill’. ‘Use’ for task/desktop activation, ‘drag’ for drag and drop and ‘kill’ for killing tasks.
  3. You can assign multiple actions for each mouse button, just list them with space as a separator.
  4. Also bmpanel2cfg support for this isn’t here yet (but it will be).
  5. You are free to do stupid things like assigning ‘use’ and ‘kill’ to the same button. It will work, but it’s just stupid. 😀

The default values in the config file (~/.config/bmpanel2/bmpanel2rc) will look like this:

mbutton1 use drag
mbutton2 kill

Note that mbutton2 is a middle mouse button usually (mbutton1 is LMB and mbutton3 is RMB). That’s it I guess. If there are any bugs, send them here.

P.S. However there is a problem with clock widget. The ‘clock_prog’ is fired up depending on ‘clock_mouse_button’ parameter. I’m not sure what should I do about this.


4 Responses to “Bmpanel2 customizable mouse actions”

  1. pHoederr Says:

    Great improvement! But it could also be useful to assign a custom command to a mousebutton — then one could get a window-manager’s native menu (for example with xdotool).

    • nsf Says:

      I’ll add a widget with customizable action later. Maybe.. There are a lot of conceptual problems behind that kind of things. I’ll write a post about that soon.

  2. pn Says:

    Would it be possible to let mouse action “pass through” a widget (sent to the desktop)? This way the window managers desktop menu can be accessed by clicking the mouse over a widget.

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