Bmpanel2 Config Tool integrated into cmake

Recently I’ve been working on bmpanel2cfg integration into cmake build chain. And it looks like everything works now. If CMake sees the python interpreter it will install the bmpanel2cfg script along with bmpanel2. DESTDIR should work too. But if you’re packaging bmpanel2 and encountering some problems with that, please let me now.

Actually there are very few things left before I will make the 2.1 release. I think the project has accumulated a lot of changes and it’s time to make a fresh release. But before that I need to:

  • Fill “black spots” in the documentation area (theme reference and bmpanel2rc(!)).
  • Decide what themes should be included in the next tarball release. I don’t like them all equally, some of them will get into, some of them won’t.
  • Prepare a big changes list (2.0 to 2.1).
  • And couple of other minor things, which you’ll never notice probably anyway.

Wiki pages issue

As you may have noticed, the wiki pages on the site are gone. It’s the result of me trying to make a Mercurial mirror for bmpanel2. But apparently totally can’t do wiki repository conversions. So.. There is a big mess. I’m trying to get over those bugs, but currently I can’t do anything about it.

Btw, the contents of wiki pages are saved. Probably all this may result in a project hosting migration. I’m really disappointed about The *only* thing I like there is the bug tracker.

UPDATE: The wiki is back.. 😛 But comments are lost, sorry for that. I think it’s not critical.

Bmpanel2 Config Tool uploaded

It is in the git repository. You can find it using this path: extra/py

There are few files:

  • – A future bmpanel2 python library, there will be basic functions for parsing config/theme format and interacting with bmpanel2 through the python script.
  • bmpanel2cfg – A PyGTK python script, the config tool itself, uses module.
  • – Draft version of the python distutils script. Installs both the module and the executable.

You can try out this tool using the script directly (./bmpanel2cfg) or install it first using the standard way (python install) and then just run directly (bmpanel2cfg).

There are few caveats however, for example script currently will work only with single instance of bmpanel2 and there are still no support for multiple launch bars (support for this also lacks in the panel, so it makes sense).

Anyway, just try it out and say what you think. Bug reports -> here <-.

Don’t forget to backup your bmpanel2rc 😉

Bmpanel2 Config Tool update

It’s almost there. All functions are complete, but I need to test it a bit more for rare usage cases before uploading to public. It looks like this:

bmpanel2cfgAll changes in the tool are immediately reflected on the panel. And as far as I’ve tested it, this amount of reconfigure signals doesn’t burst the CPU up, so it should be really nice addition to the panel. I’ll try to upload it in few days, keep watching blog for updates.

Theme Gallery

Since now it’s possible to switch themes using external program, I quickly wrote very simple script that switches theme and makes a screenshot of it. And boom.. theme gallery is ready within 5 minutes.

>> Theme Gallery <<

Theme change on the fly note

I just have completed few hacks/tweaks that allow widgets to do delayed destroying. This feature allows to keep certain widgets alive (like systray) during theme changing process. Now with the last update the “reconfigure on the fly feature” should work really smooth.

Proof! (swf, 1.8 megs)

A configurator try

I wanted to show you what is actually possible now (after “reload config on the fly” feature update).

Let me see this! (swf, 1.5 megs)