Elementary theme contribution

Hello there,  bmpanel2 users. I’ve just got an email from Karol Cichy and he created a good looking theme that follows Elementary design style.

You can check it out >> here <<

New theme pack from weakhead

Some time ago, weakhead had created a new theme pack, called devART and of course it includes the bmpanel2 theme. Check it out here.

Theme Gallery

Since now it’s possible to switch themes using external program, I quickly wrote very simple script that switches theme and makes a screenshot of it. And boom.. theme gallery is ready within 5 minutes.

>> Theme Gallery <<

Last theme ports

These ones are last ports of lassekongo83‘s art. Done by weakhead. Also I marked all theme related posts in the blog with a “BMPanel2 Themes” category. You can use this link if you’re looking for themes here.

Kupo (uses DejaVu Sans condensed font).

KupoKupo Finale (uses DejaVu Sans condensed font).

kupo finale bmpanel2 previewPucko Modern (uses DejaVu Sans condensed font).

pucko modern previewStriped (uses DejaVu Sans condensed font).

striped preview

I hope you like it.


Five new themes for bmpanel2

Again, really big job done by weakhead. Five new themes, all themes are ports of lassekongo83‘s art:

Alduin (requires condensed version of the DejaVu font).

Alduin BMPanel2 previewAuriel.

Auriel previewKnurra.

Knurra previewCurvy (uses DejaVu Sans condensed font).

Curvy previewCocoa (uses Arial font).

Cocoa preview

What it means if you have no font specified in a theme? Well, theme engine will simply fall back to some other font. It’s not critical, but it’s recommended to have specified font installed.

And a reminder: you can use “–list” command line option to see where you can place your themes. The first one is very likely located in your home directory (“~/.local/share/bmpanel2/themes”).

And one more thing worth to notice. You’ll need the latest git version to have the best experience with these themes.

Flora theme pack

Thanks to weakhead for a new theme pack for bmpanel2 called “Flora”. It’s a port of lassekongo‘s theme and it uses a lot of new features in bmpanel2. Actually it works correctly only with the latest git commit. But what I’m totally understanding now it’s that I need to do better docs for theme engine. I don’t know maybe a FAQ about how to do different things, because often I see bad solutions in themes. For example this theme has no separators at all, but the author instead of removing “separator” entry in the panel places “no_separator” everywhere. And it’s definitely my fault, I had to explain better these things.

Flora BMPanel2 previewYou can download this theme pack here.

Isotop example

I tried to convert this one too. But it doesn’t look as good as I thought. Probably it’s my fault. Anyway.. as a proof of concept it is possible.

bmpanel2-isotopYou can download it here.

It works.. sort of

I did the conversion for Muin VS theme. And it looks nice..
bmpanel2-stretchedThe main element here is the stretched background for taskbar buttons. So, make sure to view it using fullscreen without ugly white borders (my browser does that), because such contrast kills the impression.

Shortly – yes, it works. Also I have added feature called “ellipsize”, it replaces characters on the border with nice “…” if text doesn’t fit.

UPDATE: Theme can be downloaded here.

New bmpanel2 theme

It was actually submitted by the bmpanel2 user. Yep, I was surprised too that there are ones, since bmpanel2 wasn’t released yet. Maybe it’s not the best theme ever, but I certainly liked it.  So, here we go – noir theme (it’s already in the repository).


Failed promise

Once I said: “No more art”. And that was a lie. 😀

I have finished a new bmpanel2 theme with one known operating system in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome! XSOcaM themes!


I hope you like it.

(they will be in the repository sooner or later)